Apr 22, 2011

Color schemes in 19th C French textiles, part 10

This post on the popularity of red backgrounds in French fabrics is an expansion of the earlier post "Color schemes in 19th C French textiles, part 4."
One of the more surprising color schemes is the use of a dark red background with a black monochromatic foreground motif. These seem so heavy, but were probably very warm feeling during the dark winter months and would have looked beautiful in firelight or candlelight. All four red and black fabrics are from the second half of the 19th century.

The taste for red fabrics continued into the new 20th century.
The stylized dahlia pattern below is a transition motif, combining both late-19th century and Art Nouveau styles. The meander pattern, popularized by the 18th century silk industry, is employed to great effect in both the textiles below. The Art Nouveau roses, in the second image below, are a much more graphical interpretation as the fashion began to move away from careful botanical depictions and toward the coming Art Deco.