Jun 23, 2011

More French tickings from Alsace

French antique tickings from the Alsace region of France are coveted for their deep red tones and seemingly endless variations in the colors, shadings and widths of the stripes. Although most collectors are familiar with the saturated red tickings, the softer tones are less well-known.
In addition to the red tickings, the region produced pastel and pale shades as well as tickings that were predominately blue. The paler colors included various shades of rose, beige, faded red, yellow, olive, blue and candy pink. The tickings in these colors were usually used for summer beddings and for bedding for children.
Below, the first five pictures are five Alsace tickings in pale tones that are predominately pink and rose. The last two pictures on the page show tickings that were produced in a classic French blue paired with yellow.