Sep 23, 2008

Roses in Languedoc

Although most Americans think of Paris when they think of France, the French identity is much more rural.
Most French people live in the same villages and small towns where their ancestors lived. They shop at weekly farmers' markets, buy bread at the local bakery and work at wineries, wine cooperatives and farms in their region.
The vineyards of Languedoc are decorated with rose bushes - one at the end of each row of grapevines.
You might wonder - why roses? Roses are extremely susceptible to the same diseases and parasites that attack grape vines. If the fields were to be invaded by insects or disease, the rose bushes would show the problem early enough for the grape vines to be saved. Or, at least, that's the French explanation.
The rose is used as the central motif in many of the 19th century French antique fabrics. The variations and interpretations seem to be endless and forever beautiful.

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