Oct 9, 2009

Just for fun: 1920s - 1950s cotton print fabrics

Conversational prints were very popular from the 1920s to the 1950s, just as they are today.
The subject matter of French conversational prints covered a wide range, but I have chosen a few pieces that I find charming or amusing.
Adorable animals were a popular motif like in these two 1930s prints with dogs and kittens and the 1950s print of  kittens playing with red and green balls of yarn.
Children and pretty girls were perennial favorites.:

Exotic and foreign places were often motif in the pre-war years. France still had many colonies in Africa, so the designs reflected these relationships:

I find this last print, which looks like it was intended for childrens' decors, to be the oddest conversational print that I have ever seen!  It depicts members of French military marching bands careening drunkenly with even one fellow lying on the ground and drinking from a bottle of wine!

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