Aug 16, 2010


Images of rural France often include panoramic views of rolling fields of sunflowers - plants that grow as tall as five feet with blooms that follow the arc of the sun. French textile designers took inspiration from these fields of golden flowers and used them as motifs in printed fabrics.

The first olive background swatch below is from the late 19th century. The beige and gray stylized motif and the second olive background piece are both from the early 20th century.

Next, this large-scale floral print on a red background was earlier than the two above - about 1880.
This oddly stylized version is difficult to understand because although the colors are pretty, the flower is slightly grotesque. Ca. 1900

One of my all-time favorite sunflower prints is this dramatic large-scale pattern from the 1920s!
The last picture is a of hand-embroidered piece that was created as a wall-hanging, ca. 1870.

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