May 15, 2010

A la brocante, au déballage

While looking through my photos from France, I decided to post a few pictures from a few of the large shows I attended while there. These were taken at the end of March 2010, so the weather was still chilly. The variety of items offered for sale is astonishing and the shows draw dealers from across Europe and around the world.
Trendy and current collectibles are mixed with the the rare and expensive, all set out  in make-shift displays next to the dealer's vehicle.
Kitchen cutting boards were the latest rage in collectibles and almost every dealer had one or two. The first photo below shows a large group of cutting boards, all at a very high price.

A nearby stand specialized in old sporting goods - bowling pins, boules sets and more.

Textiles, of course, were on display as were musical instruments, antique furniture and gardening tools. The last photo shows two men hauling off their purchases.

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